Moving Tips

Colorado Moving And Freight Company

This page contains some moving tips and guidance that will help you be more prepared before and after moving day. Preparation is key to ensuring that your relocation process operates effortlessly and smoothly. This information will assist you in having a successful move.

Fragile Items:

  • Cushion the bottom of the box(es)with bubble wrap or rolled up paper.
  • Wrap each item individually. Bubble wrap is ideal for this purpose, but newsprint or unprinted soft paper will also work.
  • Wrap flatware in groups of three and wrap each bundle.
  • Place bubble wrap or a few layers of paper between each piece of china of fragile items.
  • Cushion the tops and sides of the box to prevent shifting.


  •  Make sure all dresser drawers are completely empty.
  • Place hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes.
  • Use the bottom of wardrobe boxes for shoes.


  • Please box all of your pictures or paintings properly.

Electrical Items:

  • If possible, pack all electronics in their original boxes. If the original cartons are not available, always pack the item(s) using bubble wrap. Please use the correct size box.
  • Color code all wires for easier installation.
  • Personal computer: Make sure to backup important files.

Helpful Hints:

  • Make sure all boxes are completely full. This prevents them from being crushed when they are stacked.
  • Tape the bottom of every box, close and tape the top of the box tightly. Run strips of tape along the side sand stripes of tape along the center. (If the box is not strong enough, apply more tape to the sides.)
  • Use small to medium boxes for heavier items and use the larger boxes for lightweight or bulky items.
  • Always wrap fragile or small items individually.
  • To prevent shifting and breakage, stuff boxes with paper or bubble wrap.


Proper packing is very important. This will reduce the time  and money that will be needed to load and unload  your items.

Make sure that you develop a checklist and an organized plan for your move. This is very important!

Make sure you have everything ready for your move at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment with your moving company.

DO NOT PACK the following item(s):

  • Valuable papers, money, jewelry, or securities. Keep these item(s) with you at all times.
  • Flammable item(s) such as aerosol cans, paint, gasoline, propane, etc.
  • Perishable item(s) such as frozen foods, produce, plants, etc.